Shamanic Journey

Much of our Shamanic path can be gleaned from the stories we are drawn to, and the archetypes they embody, and how that is expressed in our own lives. Such stories and archetypes explore both our shadow self and our potential light. Tales such as "The Descent of Inanna" (audio above), teach us how the shamanic journey, into realms outside of what we know, can empower our compassion and the healing that can be found when we have the courage to dive deep into our own unconscious


What is Shamanism?

Evidence of shamanic traditions have been found in Europe dating back 20,000 years, and in Australia there is evidence for shamanism as far back as 40,000 to 100,000 years ago. Individuals or perhaps small groups would descend into caves, up mountains, or around springs; places that were seen as ‘liminal’ -that is spaces that are situated at a sensory threshold. They are in-between places to connect with the sacred in the earth and in the heavens. 

A shaman creates a bridge between the earth, the stars, and the unseen realms of non-ordinary reality. It is about connecting with the liminal spaces within our imagination and psyche. The Shaman creates a bridge to your soul, your heart, your past, your past lives and the pieces of you that might be lost due to physical and/or emotional trauma, in this life and others. 

If we were only to contemplate the survival of shamanic traditions over aeons and millennia, and assess all the evidence in archaeology, mythology and in folklore, it suggests strongly, that the role of the shaman in the lives of ordinary people was and still is, important, and that shamanic skills and tools work! 

Our consciousness is not encapsulated or confined to our physical bodies, in fact, with the help of our unconscious and subconscious minds, “ is a dynamic and changing domain which encompasses bodily presence and interaction with the environment; it is extended outward into the world and inward into the our subjective being at the same time; it is about the self as seed and source of growth..” 

“The Australia Dreaming Project” from