Oracle Card Readings

An oracle card reading is like a sign post for your life. A wonderful way to check in with you and the direction your life is heading.

Oracle card readings show us areas of our life that might need change, where we may need to pivot or pause. They can show us the power or the folly, of continuing in the direction we are going, they show us what is good for us to embrace and what no longer serves us. 

Very often too, information on loved ones, or children, (living or crossed over), will come through during a reading and can bring great clarity and comfort regarding difficult situations.

Whatever the reason, a card reading is a great way to ‘check in’ and can help you to embrace joy, whilst bringing clarity, direction and focus to your life. 

So if you are feeling confused, undecided, afraid to make a choice or just simply ‘meh’, then an oracle card reading could be just what your soul is calling for! 


Embrace your soul. Create your joy.

SuziSavanah has been doing oracle card readings for 25 years, beginning her journey in Australia where she was given her first deck of cards, then moving to Bali to train in esoteric arts, she continued to give readings in a local resort. Upon leaving Bali, she moved to the USA and did more training in reiki, channeling and core counselling, until finally settling in Ireland where her card readings began to gather momentum under the magical impetus of the Emerald Isle. As Suzi began her shamanic training in 2009, channeled information began to come through the cards and through her body. Now it is a normal part of a reading for all that come into sacred space as spirit steps in to speak.