Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette
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Marie Antoinette was described by her brother Emperor Joseph II as 'honest and loveable' and as Queen of France, she became a devoted patron of the arts and was an accomplished muscian and singer herself. She and Louis XVI were devoted lovers and parents and she is said  to have been an affentionate mother close to her children. She was also devoted to fashion and is known for some of the most exquisite outfits of the era. At the time of her trial she is said to have shown great courage at the prospect of her fate. This Short kimono made with heavy brocade for a more structured look is reminiscent of the extravagant luxury of this young Queen of France. A one of a kind piece with beautiful details such as softly puffed sleeves with a bow finish and an obi belt for a truly regal and glamorous look.

This piece is a bespoke original.

Size small and will fit size 6-10. It has a more fitted cut than the normal kimono and is not meant to be worn open and loose.