The Heart of Synergy & Light

Hi, I’m SuziSavanah, the founder of Synergy and Light - a platform for joy, empowerment and living. I am a purveyor of personal happiness and a bit of a joy guru. 

Joy is a phenomenon we often seek outside of ourselves, but what if it is inside of you and it is dormant, forgotten or shut down? You were born with joy encoded in your DNA, it is the most natural human state, but life often teaches us to shut it off, to replace it with fear and the misguided idea that sadness is more powerful. It is not.

"Happiness has always been an internal phenomenon. The source of your happiness is inside of you."

- Sahdguru

A lack of happiness can seem insurmountable, while searching for joy can be exhausting and self-defeating. That is until you look within. Not to fix anything, (you are already perfect!), but to witness all the parts of yourself until you SEE your joy. You begin to see your journey, your life and yourself with new light-filled eyes! That is the purpose of Synergy and Light, to help you illuminate your beautiful self. 

According to the Cambridge online dictionary, synergy means: the combined power of a group of things, that when they work together, they are greater. Greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. Interestingly, the word originates from the Greek word sunergos, which means to work together. Notice the sun in sunergos? When we work together we bring the light. See where I’m going with this…

So, let us look at the word light. When you define ‘light’, you get a number of interesting meanings come up for this delicious and illuminating word. As a noun it is defined as ‘the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible’. As a verb it can be defined as ‘to provide with light/illuminate or ignite something’. Finally as an adjective, a doing, it is ‘an area or a person that is brighter than its surroundings’ and ‘spiritual illumination by divine truth’. 

Time to weave all this together! Synergy and Light is the power of a community, online and offline, working together to be the natural agents of light in the world; to illuminate and ignite our own self; to shine brighter through our spiritual illumination and connecting with our own divine truth.

If you want to create your joy then you are in the right place. 

Synergy and Light offers information and group classes and individual sessions in yoga, shamanic journeying, card reading and meditation, to support you on your journey. On this site there are a number of resources, which are updated regularly and a lifestyle shop to support your journey - If it doesn’t bring you joy, then let it go. If it does bring you joy, hold it close!

So come and join the Synergy and Light community and create your joy!

In lightness,

SuziSavanah  x